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Why Consider a Seller's Inspection?

Why would you want to spend money to have an inspection on the home you are selling?  You have been living there for several years.  You take pride in your home and do regular maintenance.  What can an inspector tell you about the home that you do not already know?

Quite a lot.

As a home owner, it is difficult to look at things objectively.  You are proud of your home.  You no longer even notice those little cracks that you intend to take care of soon, or that little water stain in the closet ceiling from the hurricanes when a few shingles blew off. 

The problem is that the buyer's inspector will notice those things.  Suddenly they are on a list of things (including  few you did not know about) that the buyer wants you to repair or they are wanting you to lower the price of your home by much more than the repairs will cost. Suddenly you find yourself scrambling to deal with several things that would have been easy to take care of if you only had a little more time.

What if the inspector found something more major?  You could be out several thousand dollars  because you had to get it fixed right away.  You may have even lost the sale and now you have to start over from the beginning.

That is why a Seller's Inspection makes a lot of sense!

A seller's inspection (also called a pre-listing inspection) gives you an opportunity to see your home through the eyes of an unbiased, experienced home inspector.  He is going to look at your home the way the buyer's inspector will.  You will know ahead of time the things that are likely to come up when the home is sold.  That way you can address those issues at your convenience instead of having to try to correct them in a few days to save the sale.

There is a possibility that a few items could still show up on the buyer's inspection (no two inspectors look at thing exactly the same way), but most likely those items will be minor and easily corrected.  Just think how nice it will be to not have to worry about big surprises.

These are reasons that pre-listing inspections are becoming more common.  See what the L. A. Times had to say about seller inspections.
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