Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
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Privacy Policy

In order to conduct my business, I have to collect certain personal information.  For example, I need phone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact you and to deliver inspection reports to you.  I need current mailing addresses to complete an inspection agreement and, on occasion, to send you something that I have promised. 

I do not sell your information to anyone.  I do not provide addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers to others without your permission.

I do not, and will not, accept "Finder's Fees" or "Referral Fees" from other companies or contractors that I may refer to you.  If I make a referral of a contractor, it is because I feel that they will do a good job for you.

I will not discuss details of your inspection with others unless you have given me permission to do so.  An exception to this may be if someone calls with very specific questions about a particular item mentioned in the report, I may discuss that item to a degree in order to answer the question if I have reason to believe that you have provided them with a copy of the report.

I may also provide your name to one of the contractors I referred to you just to let them know that you may be calling them and to give them some information that will make it easier for them to help you.  I will not give them your contact information unless you have given me permission to do so.

I will also not provide copies of your report to others without your permission.  Do not tell your insurance company to call me for the report unless you have informed me ahead of time or I will not be able to provide them with a copy.

The only times I will violate this policy is if required to do so, such as with a court order.

This Privacy Policy may be modified as needed.  If it is modified, the change will be posted on this page and available for your review.
My business is based on your trust.  Without it, I would have no customers.  Since I value that trust, I have provided the following "Privacy Policy".
REM Inspections is dedicated to being the Home Inspector you will recommend to your family and friends.