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Homes are already inspected by the building department so they don't need a home inspection, right? 

Many people feel that way but it can be a costly mistake.  Having worked as a Quality Control Manager for two local builders, I could go on and on about all the structural and function defects that would have become part of the final home had someone like myself not discovered them and required that they be corrected before the home continued progress.

The truth is that you are at the mercy of the individual superintendent in charge of the home.  He may sound very conscientious, but does he really know what he is doing (and even more importantly, does he take the time to make sure that things are done correctly).

The problem is that as home construction slowed, many builders let the most experienced superintendents go because they had higher salaries.  You are now dealing with people in charge of building the homes that have very little experience.  In addition, most superintendents are paid bonuses on how quickly they get the home built, now how good the home is.  Faced with this problem, many of the superintendents do not know what to look for and even if they do, they are inclined to ignore the problems because they will make more money.

You can't count on the county or city
inspector to catch things!

If you are relying on the building inspector to catch the problems, you might be disappointed.  The building inspector only inspects that the home meets the building code.  The building code is best defined as the Worst Home that can be legally built.  If that is not enough of a problem, most building inspectors will only have 20 to 30 minutes to inspect the home because they have more homes to inspect.  Because of this, although they try hard, they tend to miss too many things.

A knowledgeable home inspector will take much more time and help make sure that thing have been built properly.  In addition, the home inspector can look for things that will cause problems later, not just the building code.  You can then go to the builder and demand that these problems be corrected before they are covered up only to surface after you are living in the home.

It is best to have the home inspected at each stage of construction so any problems can be corrected before it is covered and can not be easily fixed.
Building department inspectors only inspect for the Building Code.

A Home Inspector looks at much more.
What is the Building Code?

The Building Code is the WORST Home you can legally build!
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