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Want your home to sell faster and get a higher price for it?  Who doesn't, but how do you do it?
The answer is Move-in Certified.

Move-in Certified is a program that allows you to certify that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement and no known safety hazards in the home.  This program is only available through Home Inspectors who are a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and provides many benefits that help you sell your home.

First of all you have the benefits of having a Home Seller's Inspection.         

Next you have an attractive sign in your front yard that announces that your home is Move-in Certified.  This will get the attention of potential buyers who are looking for a home and trying to decide why they should buy your home instead of one of the many other homes available.  Remember, the key to marketing is making what you offer stand out from the rest!

You also have the inspection report to substantiate your claim that your home does not have any major defects.  Anyone can claim that their home is in good condition but you have an independent report that backs you up.

The report is available from an independent source, moveincertified.com, which is more credible than if you (the untrustworthy seller) simply hand a copy of the inspection to the buyer.

Put yourself in a buyer's situation.  You are driving down a street with 3 similar homes for sale and you are trying to decide which one you want to spend time looking at.  They all look similar but one has something different about it,  a nice blue sign out front that proudly proclaims that it is Move-in Certified.  Even if you are not aware of exactly what that means, you are going to remember that home and want to find out more.


Remember, the key to marketing is to make your product stand out to potential buyers and attract their interest.
How does the program work?


Contact me  and arrange for a Move-in Certified inspection (only a NACHI certified inspector can provide a Move-in Certified Inspection).  I will make a thorough home inspection and show you what I find.  If I discover a problem with a major system or a safety issue, at least it was found early enough to give you some options.  You can repair it or you can disclose it.  Either way you are going to save a lot of money.

    If you decide to repair the problem, you can provide receipts to buyers showing the item was repaired.  An even better choice is to have me verify the repair and generate a new report that does not mention the defect.  This can be done for a very small fee.

Once the report is completed, I will post the report on Fetchreport.com so it can be accessed by the potential buyer.  You can choose to limit access to the report by having it password protected so you or your realtor have to provide a password for the buyer to view the report or you can reach an even larger audience by posting it as a "public" report so any potential buyer can access the report by entering the home address.

I will provide you with a Move-in Certified yard sign to attract the attention of potential buyers.  This is the "edge" that will help your home stand out from all the rest.
If you would like more information, feel free to contact me by e-mail or at 407-637-7288.
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