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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
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Each Buyer or Seller will have different needs depending upon the property in question.  Home inspection companies offer a wide range of services and the better ones are flexible in adjusting their services to accommodate the specific needs of their customers.  A typical home inspection covers a thorough visual and non-invasive inspection of the major structural elements and systems of the home that are readily  accessible.  The following list represents, but is not necessarily limited to, the concerns addressed in each area being inspected:

Basement structure - Water penetration, water damage, structural integrity of walls, insect damage, structural integrity of support systems, window condition, floor condition, and condition of finished walls and ceilings

Crawlspace structure - Water penetration, water damage, ventilation, structural integrity of walls, support systems, insect damage and insulation including defect locations and overall condition (Note: Some inspectors charge extra to inspect crawlspaces)

Slab Structure - Water seepage into ducts (under slab), settlement and cracks

Exterior - Walls, soffits and fascia, gutters, roof, flashing, skylights and chimney(s)

Grounds - Walks/steps, driveway, patio, porch, retaining walls, railings, balconies and drainage

Roof - Type, condition, leakage, age, replacement probability

Attic - Structure, roof decking, insulation, ventilation and water penetration

Plumbing Systems - Water lines, waste pipes, vent pipes, fixtures and faucets, caulking and grouting, drainage, water pressure, water heater and gas pipes

Electrical Systems - Amperage rating, voltage, breakers, fuses, main panel, sub-panels, main service wire, branch wire, switches and receptacles, light fixtures, door bell and smoke detectors

Air Conditioners - age, condition, type, ductwork, airflow, filter, thermostat

Furnace / Heaters - Heat exchanger, burners/elements, blower fan, ducts, airflow, filter, flue pipe, humidifier and thermostat

Appliances - Operation of installed: Range, oven, exhaust fans, refrigerator, dishwasher, in-sink disposal and trash compactor (Note: Not all inspection companies survey appliances)

Interior - Walls and ceilings, floors, steps and stairs, railings, doors, windows, and fireplace.

For more information, see the NACHI "Standards of Practice "

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